With GoCardless you can give your customers the opportunity to pay their invoices automatically, saving you both time.

Enabling GoCardless

To set up GoCardless, you will first need to navigate to Billing > Settings > Payment Methods.

From here, you will see the GoCardless option. You can click on the Activate button to get started!

This will take you to the GoCardless webpage to register for an account and input your details:

Managing your Customers Direct Debits

Once your GoCardless account is set up, you will see that a new GoCardless option will appear under Billing > Settings > GoCardless.

When you click on this option, you will be taken to an overview of all your direct debit customers and payments, as well as your GoCardless settings:

To invite your customers to set up direct debits, navigate to the Direct Debits tab along the top of the page, and then to the Setup Direct Debits button on the right-hand side of this page:

This next page will allow you to choose which customers you invite to set up a direct debit.

Simply select each customer (or select all in one go) and click on the Send Direct Debit Invites button.

You can keep track of invites and customers that have signed up on the Direct Debits tab - on the right, you'll see a list of Customers Invited, and on the left, a list of Active Direct Debit customers.

Setting Up When You Get Paid

If you navigate to the Settings tab, you will be able to set up when the direct debit will be taken from the customer.

When you approve your invoices, you will set a due date, and setting the below under the GoCardless settings will decide how many days before the due date that the payment will be taken:

Can I Turn Off GoCardless at any time?

Yes, of course. You and your customers can enable or disable it anytime. If you disable GoCardless in the Payment Methods section, it will disable it globally for all your customers.

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