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Why are some time slots not available for a Lesson?
Why are some time slots not available for a Lesson?

The system will mark some timeframes light grey if there is already a lesson happening at the same time and at the same location

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If you cannot see the time slots you need at all, this is most likely because they are before the opening or after the closing hours of the venue this lesson is held in. To learn how to change the working hours of a venue, check this article:

Another lesson at the same time and place

If you have already set another lesson at the same Venue, Room and Time, the system will not allow you to choose this time slot and place again. Unavailable times will be highlighted in light grey:

In this case, you will need to change the time or place for either one of your lessons.

If you would like to edit an already existing lesson, go to Classes > View all:

Click on the season your class is set in:

Now click on the class for which you want to change Venue, Room or Time:

Go to Lesson Setup and click on the lesson you need:

Here you can change the day, venue, room or timeframe for this lesson:

Don't forget to press the Save button!

If there are no more overlaps, you will now be able to choose the time of your lesson freely.

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