How to group several classes into a package and assign a fixed price to it

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We have a Packages option in Billing now, where you can create a package of classes and offer it for a single fixed price.

How to set it up?

Go to Billing > Packages:

Click Create in the top right corner:

Now you can name the package and choose what season it will cover:

Then choose the maximum amount of classes this package can cover:

The total classes are the maximum amount of classes that will be charged as per the package, on the invoice for each student.

Set up a price for this package:

Click Save!

Once the package is created, you can add what classes you'd like for it to cover and what students are eligible for this package.

Click on the Classes tab:

Click Attach/Detach:

Now you can choose what classes to add to the package:

The next step would be to choose what students can use this package.

Go to the Students tab:

Click Attach/Detach and attach the students who are going to be participating in this package:

All set and done!

Now, when you're looking at a student's profile, there is a Packages tab there:

How does billing for packages work?

Once you've generated an invoice, it will include a price for the package, while all separate classes in it will be set up as costing 0:

What happens when a student attends only several classes out of the whole package?

At the Packages > Students page, you can also see how many classes a student has attended out of the maximum amount:

If they didn't take all of them, the first time they will be billed in the same way as above: paying the package price for the classes they've already taken. Once they've attended the rest and are billed for them, it will show the price for the remaining class or classes as 0:

* Please note: currently, packages cannot be booked online on the customer portal.
If customers want to purchase it, you'll need to add students to packages on the admin portal and then create an invoice.

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