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What does my class status mean?
What does my class status mean?

Classes can have an Incomplete, Upcoming, Active or Archived status. What do these mean?

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Every class has an assigned status, which can be seen in one of the columns on the right:

If the dates of a class are in the future, its status will be marked as Upcoming.

It means that it's all set up and ready to go:

Once the start date of the class arrives, its status automatically turns to Active:

Finally, after the class has been completed and the end date is in the past, the status will turn to Archived.

Please note: an archived class's dates cannot be changed. If you have set up an active or upcoming class with past dates, you can copy it, change the dates to correct ones, and delete the one that's archived.

What does it mean if the status says Incomplete?

Incomplete status appears when the setup for a class is not finished.

When you point at the question sign, the system will let you know what is missing:

There are 2 options:

  • No students enrolled

If online enrolment is not allowed for this class, it will show as incomplete until at least one student is added. With online enrolment enabled, this will not be an issue as customers will supposedly enrol their students themselves.

  • Lessons not set up

Lessons need to be set up for the class to appear on the parent portal, they need to have registers and to be billable.

Once the reason for the Incomplete status is dealt with, it will automatically turn to Upcoming or Active, depending on the class's dates.

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