Trials allow your potential customers to book trial lessons via a quick and simple process.

How to set trials up?

Head to Classes > Trials:

There, click on the Settings tab:

And enable trials:

Once you enable the feature, a link will appear - it leads to a page where a potential customer can book a trial lesson, choosing among all the classes you offer for trials.

On the same page, you can also select how many trialling students per class you'd like to have, and whether you allow trial registrations in case a class is already filled to its maximum capacity:

You can also limit trials for class or for a student on your class trials page, just enable this option in general Trial settings:

Then go to the Class > Trials (Class tab) and enter your trial limits here:

How to enable trials for classes?

New classes:

When you create a new class, you can make it available for trial lessons by ticking the box 'Allow lesson trials' under the class details:

Existing classes:
You can enable trials for classes via group action, just open the general classes list, select all classes or only those you'd like to make available for trials:

And then in 'Group actions' pick 'Enable Trial Lessons':

OR head to a class you'd like to make available for trials. Click on the class, and then on the Trials tab:

Then tick the box "Allow trial lessons":

After that, the class will become available for trial bookings. If you offer paid trial lessons follow our Paid Trials guide.

At this point, the system also generates a link for this class, which leads to booking trials for this specific class.

How does it look for customers?

To check this, click the link in Classes > Trials. It will look something like and lead to a page with all the classes available for trial bookings:

Customers can select what class they want to book a trial in and click on that class. There, they will see all the details about it, and will be able to select the day & time they want for their student to attend:

If a class has age restrictions, a customer will need to put in their student's DOB.

After they click 'Register', they are redirected to a page where they have to fill out their contact details. If they have already stated the student's age, it will be copied there automatically:

If trial lessons have a price set for them, a customer is redirected to the payment page:

Once they pay, they will see a message of their successful registration. If the class is free, they can skip that step.

Where can I find my trialling students?

If you go to 'Students' and then 'Trial Registrations' you will find the list of students who are currently trialling:

How I can make them 'active'?

From the Trial Registrations list, select those who'd like to take your classes on a regular basis:

And then click on 'Approve selected' and confirm the approval:

Done! Now you can find this student on the general list and send them the invitation link to join the portal:

The customer becomes 'active' as well.

Can I create a trial for the already registered student?

Just head to the student's profile and then 'Trials':

And click on 'Create':

Pick the season and class there:

Click on 'Create Lesson Trials' and press again 'Create' to confirm:

After that, the class will be shown in student's 'Trials':

Can my customers book a trial class on the portal?

Of course!
They will be able to enrol for a trial lesson in the 'Lesson Trials' section if they click on 'Apply to new lesson trials':

They will be re-directed to the following page:

And they can pick any class their students want and then confirm the booking.

How can I email my trialling students?

You can create a group email and send it to customers trialling this week/month or next week/month:

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