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In this article, you'll find all instructions on how you can set up paid trials on your Class Manager account.

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First of all, make sure you've got Trial classes enabled on your account, in this guide we provided all details on how to activate this feature on Class Manager.

Also, you will need to enable Stripe as a payment method if you'd like your customers to pay for trial lessons online when they book them.

Ready? Let's proceed!

Choose the class where you'd like to offer trial lessons, then open the 'Trials' section in Class Tab:

Then enter a trial lesson price into the 'Price' box under Settings:

Don't forget to save all settings after!

How can your customers book paid trials?

Let's have a look at how does the booking process look like: customers would need to open your trial registration page or if they are already added to your Class Manager account ask them to log into Parent Portal and book trial lessons there:

They would need to pick the suitable date of the class and then 'Register'.
After that, they will be forwarded to the next step:

On this page, they will need to double-check all trial registration detail by pressing 'Pay' they confirm their choice.
The system will redirect them to the following page where they would be able to pay with Google Pay or if they are not using this feature, they will need to enter all card details manually:

After that, they should receive a confirmation of their payment. Please keep in mind that if the school has active Stripe payments and the customer doesn't pay for the trial in the next 3 hours (sometimes they don't complete this last step), the trial is automatically deleted.

If you don't use Stripe but offer paid trials and want your customers to pay with the bank transfers - you'll be still able to request payments from them.

How can I do that?
Open a profile of a student who'd like to book a trial lesson and then open the 'Trials' section in the Student's Tab:

And then click on 'Create':

Then choose a class and lesson your student wants to attend:

And then if a customer has already paid for that lesson tick 'Mark as Paid' - if not, then leave that box as it is and press 'Create Lesson Trials' after.

Your customer will receive an email asking to complete payment, all your available payment methods will be included there:

And then, once you've got their transfer, you will need to go to your trials list, select their registration and mark it as paid:

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