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Set Up an Automated Trial Follow-up Email
Set Up an Automated Trial Follow-up Email

After a trial lesson, you can set up an automated email to invite your customers to permanently join the class

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When you enable trials for your classes, you understand the importance of allowing your customers to decide whether the class will be a good match for their students. However, it can be overwhelming to follow the decision-making process of each of your trial customers.

Don't worry, we got you! You can allow the system to trigger two types of automated emails depending on whether the student assisted to their trial or not.

Please go to Classes>Trials>Settings and enable one of these options, or both:

Once you enable the types of email you need, you can customise the templates with your own wording in 'Messages'>'Email Templates'. Just click on the Email Types drop-down menu and pick these:

Trial follow-up present email

The student who assisted to their trial will receive an invitation to join the class as a regular student.

Trial follow-up absent email

The student who didn't assist to their class will receive an invitation to reschedule their trial.

Do not forget to hit 'Save'.

You're all set. From now on, the system will trigger the emails you have set 30 minutes after you complete the attendance registers of the lesson.

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