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How Can Existing Customers Register for Trial Lessons?
How Can Existing Customers Register for Trial Lessons?

You can create a trial for students that are already registered

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Trials are not limited for potential customers. In Class Manager we understand that your regular students would like to explore your course offerings. Once you have enabled trial lessons for your classes, there are two ways to add your existing students to them:

  1. You can create trials for your existing students in your Class Manager

Just head to the student's profile and then click on the tab 'Trials':

When you hit the 'Create' button, you can pick the season, class and lesson date here:

Click on 'Create Lesson Trials' and press again 'Create' to confirm:

After that, the class will be shown under the 'Trials' tab on the student profile:

2. Your existing customers can book a trial class on the portal for their students

Of course!
They will be able to enrol for a trial lesson in the 'Lesson Trials' section if they click on 'Apply to new lesson trials':

They will be re-directed to the following page:

And they can pick any class their students want and then confirm the booking. You will be able to see these new trials in Students>Trial Registrations.

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