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How Can Potential Customers Register for Your Trial Lessons?
How Can Potential Customers Register for Your Trial Lessons?
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Once you have enabled and set up the feature Trials for your account, potential customers will be able to register for your trial lessons. To check how it looks for potential customers, click the link in Classes > Trials. It will look something like and lead to a page with all the classes available for trial bookings:

Customers can select what class they want to book a trial in and click on that class. There, they will see all the details about it, and will be able to select the day & time they want for their student to attend:

If a class has age restrictions, a customer will need to put in their student's DOB.

After they click 'Register', they are redirected to a page where they have to fill out their contact details. If they have already stated the student's age, it will be copied there automatically:

If trial lessons have a price set for them, a customer is redirected to the payment page:

Once they pay, they will see a message of their successful registration. If the class is free, they can skip that step.

Where can I find my trialling students?

If you go to 'Students' and then 'Trial Registrations' you will find the list of students who are currently trialling:

How I can make them 'active'?

From the Trial Registrations list, select those who'd like to take your classes on a regular basis:

And then click on 'Approve selected' and confirm the approval:

Done! Now you can find this student on the general list and send them the invitation link to join the portal:

Once the student is enrolled in the class on a regular basis, their customer becomes 'active' as well.

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