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Selling Uniform

Learn how to attach uniform to classes and send emails offering uniform to customers

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If you are selling uniform to your students, Class Manager gives you the option to offer uniform items to your customers at the stage of sending them invoices. To do that, you need to create uniform items as products in your Point Of Sale shop, attach them to your classes, and then you can send emails to everyone attending and offer them to buy uniform.

You can learn about adding products to your Point Of Sale by clicking here.

Attaching Uniform to Classes

Once you have created uniform items within your Point Of Sale shop, you can attach them to the particular classes they are for.

To do this, you can go to Classes > View all, click on your current season, select the class and go to the Uniform tab. You then have the option to create a product or you can attach/detach an already existing product.

After you have selected “Attach/Detach” it will show you all of the current products within your shop, and you can attach the relevant items. To add the items, you will need to toggle the button under “Attached” to "Enabled". It looks like this:

The changes are saved automatically on this page. You may click on the ‘Show’ button to see the list of products already attached to the class.

Sending Uniform Emails

After you have attached all of your uniform to the classes, you can send emails to everyone who attends the class, they just need to have an active invoice first. You can learn more about how to invoice your seasons by clicking here.

Go to Billing > Invoices. There, you can filter invoices by their status (draft, awaiting payment, paid, etc.), by classes or seasons they belong to, or you may just go through the list of customers and select those that you wish to offer uniform to. You may also select all customers at once by clicking “Select all”. After that, go to Group Actions and click Send Uniform Email. It looks like this:

The email that customers receive contains the list of uniform items that they can purchase and the link to the portal shop. You may edit the text of that email, if necessary, on the Messages > Email Templates page. The template name is “Invoice Classes Uniform email”:

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