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Pay As You Go Feature
Pay As You Go Feature

Learn how to set up drop-in classes easily with Class Manager.

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You can now allow people to join your classes on a pay-as-you-go basis. This means they do not have to be enrolled in a class and can simply drop in to lessons.

Please note, to use Pay As You Go as a feature, you will need to enable Stripe as a payment method which you can learn about here.

How to enable Pay As You Go?

Firstly, you will need to turn on Pay As You Go in your account. You can do this by going to Classes > Pay As You Go > Settings > Enable.

Once you have done this, you will see your Pay As You Go URL appear, which you can put in your website or share with your customers. You will also have the option to choose how many Pay As You Go attendees you wish to allow and also if they can book when the class is already full.

Setting Up Pay As You Go Classes

After you've enabled Pay As You Go, you can then select which classes you want to have this option. Please go into your Classes > View all, select your season, click on the class and switch to the Pay As You Go tab. Then click the button to allow Pay As You Go lessons. This is also where you can enter how much it will cost per lesson.

You can add class images by going into the class, clicking Edit and Upload an image. This will be visible on the booking page.

How can customers book?

Once you have enabled Pay As You Go for all necessary classes, you can share the link with your customers and they can start booking lessons. Another way your customers can access the list of Pay As You Go classes is in their portal. They just need to go to the portal, click on Classes > Pay As You Go, and they will see the same list of classes there.

What does it look like for customers?

Below is a small video of what Pay As You Go looks like for your customers, it is very user friendly.

Where can I see who booked and their selected classes?

You can always see the list of booked Pay As You Go lessons on the Classes > Pay As You Go > Overview page. Here you will see the customer and student info, the class they booked, lesson date, and when they booked.

Note that, if you have done all the above steps and enabled Pay As You Go, but the link does not work for you, it means that Stripe is not enabled as a payment method in your account. Please go to the Billing settings and enable Stripe to resolve this issue.

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