If you see an exclamation point in your directory, it means that the parent’s email address is not valid. Hovering your mouse on the email address will provide you with the reason why the contact is invalid. 

To correct this, please follow these steps:

1. Click “Directory” then look for the "Unreachable Users" button. You can easily see which parent it is referring to. Click the blue "Unreachable Users" link.

2. This window shows you a list of the users with errors. Click the blue > on the right to pull up that user's profile.

3. Now you will see the complete profile for the user. Click the edit button to make any necessary changes.

4. Make any necessary changes in the Edit Profile window and save.

5. Click Resend Invitation so the email address can be verified and the parent can join your class.

6. The Directory no longer has the exclamation point and it shows that the family is connected.

Check this video out showing you the Directory tab:

This video shows how to add parents to the Directory:


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