As a ClassTag School Leader, you would need to send school-wide Announcements or Activities (Event, Parent-Teacher Conference, To-Do Items, and Volunteer Request) to all the classrooms in your school. 


Please follow these steps:

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click your School.

3. Click the plus key and click on “Announcement”.

4. Enter the details of your Announcement. You can also add a file or photo by dragging and dropping the file in the box below the “Add File or Photo” section.

5. Scroll down to view the list of all the classrooms and click “Select All” or "Announce School Wide".

6. You can also choose to allow email replies to your announcement.

7. Click the “Preview” button on the upper right side.

8. Now you can see your announcement in Email view. You can also choose to see in SMS view. Finally, from here you can choose when to send if you wish to send at a later time.


Currently, it is not yet possible to send a school-wide Activity on ClassTag. Activities can only be created per classroom, and only the parents in that classroom will receive it.

Our team is currently working really hard on getting it implemented to allow you (as the ClassTag Leader) to send a school-wide Activity. We’ll send everyone a message once this is possible.

For the meantime, here is a workaround that you can do.

Watch the quick clip below which demonstrates these steps:

1. Create a new classroom and add all the students’ and parents’ information in the new class.

  • Click the three lines on the upper left side.
  • Go to your school.
  • Scroll down and click “Create Another Class”
  • Fill out the class information. You may want to use “Other” for the “Grade”. When done, click on “Create Classroom”.

2. Add the students’ and parents’ info for your new classroom

3. Now you can create the Activity in that new classroom.

NOTE: You would need to do create the activity in each classroom.

  • Click the three lines on the upper left side.
  • Go to your school.
  • Scroll down, look for the class and click on it.
  • Once you’re in the correct classroom, create the activity by following the steps in this article
  • You would need to do this on all the classes listed on your school. 


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