As a parent, your child’s teacher might share files privately with you. This could be a photo of your child, a video, a class report, or an exam that the teacher wants your child to complete.

You may also want to share something with your child’s teacher that you wouldn’t want to share with other parents.

Great news! We now have what we call a “Backpack” section where you can view any files shared by the teacher with you privately and upload files you want to share with only the teacher.

To access your child’s backpack, please follow these steps:

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click the class name.

3. Click “Library”.

4. Click "Student Backpacks"

5. Click the box that has your child’s name and the word “Backpack”.

For this example, we’ll click the box that says “Teddy Tiger’s Backpack”.

5. All items that are shown below are the files shared either by you or your child’s teacher.


If you want to upload a file and share it with the teacher, simply drag and drop the files below the “Upload files” section or click “Click Here” and choose the file from your computer or mobile phone.

Click “Save”

You will now see the file that you’ve shared on the “File” section.

How will I get notified if there are any new items uploaded by the parent?

If the teacher uploaded a new file on your child's Backpack, a bell icon will show up on the "Library" and your child's Backpack.

Clicking on your child's Backpack will show the files that were uploaded. There will be a bell icon next to the new file that was uploaded by your child's teacher.

If you have the app downloaded on your mobile phone, you will also get notified by a push notification.


  • At the end of each hour (e.g., 4:59 pm, 5:59 pm), the system will also send an email notification with the list of unseen files added in your child's Backpack.
  • The system won't send any SMS notifications if you set your notification method to SMS.


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