We understand that teachers may already have their classes added to Google Classroom. Great news! You can now import your Google Classroom roster and add it to your ClassTag account.

Here are the steps how to do this:

1. Click the three lines on the upper left side.

2. Click “+ Add New Class”.

3. Click the “Import Google Classroom” tab.

4. Click “Connect Google Classroom”.

5. Choose the correct email address linked to your Google Classroom.

6. Click “Allow”.

7. Choose the School name (if you’re connected to a school), Grade Level, and Timezone.

8. Click “Select Classroom”.

NOTE: If you choose the school name, like the one we have below), the “timezone” will no longer show up and it will follow the school’s timezone.

9. A list of your Google Classrooms will show up. Click the correct classroom you want to import to ClassTag and click “Import”.

10. The system will create your class and give a message that says “Your classroom is ready. Time to reload and explore”. Click the “Reload” button to proceed.

11. Click “Directory” to review the imported data.

12. The list of Teachers and Students will be shown in the Directory page.

NOTE: A green dot on top of the agent’s profile means that the profile has been imported from a Google Classroom.

13. To add the parent’s contact details, click "+ Add the first guardian" on the right side of the student's name.

14. Enter the parent's email address then click "Send Invitation".

NOTE: If you don’t have the parent’s email address, click “Add in Another Way”, click “Add via Phone” and enter the parent’s mobile number instead.

15. The parent’s email address will now be added to the student and a notification will be sent asking the parent to join the class.

16. Perform the same steps for the other students.

How can I resync my new students from my Google Classroom to my class on ClassTag?

If you already have imported your Google Classroom to ClassTag and want to add the new students you just added to your Google Classroom, you can do this by following the steps below:

1. Click the “Directory” tab on your class, click the orange icon next to your "Class Directory" then click "Synchronize students with Google Class"

2. The new student will show up on the next page. Click the arrow next to the student’s name.

3. Click “+ Add to ClassTag”.

4. Click “Done”.

5. A message that says “Google Class successfully synchronized” will appear on the upper part of your class for a few seconds, and the new student will now be added in your class directory.

6. To add the student's parent, please refer to the steps above and follow steps #13 and #14.

We are going to add more capability on this feature in the next few weeks and would like to hear any feedback from you on how we can improve it. Please send your feedback and suggestions to support@classtag.com and we’ll make sure to send it to our Product and Development team for their review.


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