Using the Clean.Tech app, you can build the solar proposal on your handheld device by following these steps:

1. Search for any address in the US using the search bar.

2. Tap on the bubble above the home to select it. Elli – our A.I. – automatically generates a proposal that best fits the home based on zip code, geography, and electricity rate tariff. Proposals remain open indefinitely, so you can always come back and edit them later. In the rare case Elli is not able to create an automatic proposal or cannot find the address, you can create a proposal manually (click here for more info).

Within the app, you can:

3. Select financing options.

4. Create a 3D hologram of home and edit the solar system.

5. Tap the gear icon to adjust the home's electricity usage. Elli applies local utility and tariff information, but you may need to edit the annual electricity consumption.

6. Select the brand/wattage of solar panels to be installed.

7. Select the home's roofing type.

8. Add homeowner information (name, address, contact info).

To create the 3D holographic representation of the solar system:

a. Tap the 3D button.

b. Point your device toward a flat surface, such as a table or counter top at a 45 degree angle.

c. A blue pin will appear when you've found the right angle. Tap the bottom blue button to generate the hologram. Walk toward or away from the home's hologram to zoom in or out, or just put both fingers on the screen and spread your fingers to move away and close your fingers to move closer. Walk around the hologram to view different angles of the model.

8. Tap the sun icon to see those roof planes receiving the most sunlight. Bright yellow indicates more sun. Note: Never place panels on north-facing roofs!

9. Tap the various planes of the home's roof to switch to that plane.

10. Tap a solar panel to remove it. Tap a non-paneled surface or next to other panels to add new panels.

11. Tap the blue arrow to switch the panels between portrait and landscape placement.

12. Move an entire array with one finger by touching, holding, and dragging. Rotate an entire array with two fingers by touching and twisting your fingers -- we call this the two-finger twist.

13. Tap the gray bar below the model view to view and edit more information about the solar system.

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