Tagging Overview (3 minutes)

How Tagging Works


The first step is to select the record you want to tag. This can be a client, a cleaner, or a booking. Let use the example of a Booking:

Once inside the booking record, click on the "+" sign to add a tag. If there are existing booking tags you will see them here. You can either select an existing one or click the "+" sign again to add a new one. You can also remove tags by unchecking the box:

Once you select a tag, the tag will appear in the Tags card:


You can filter your client, cleaner and booking lists by tags. You can also filter your calendar to display events related to any client, cleaner or booking tag. For example, you might want to see events related to VIP clients, or you might want to see events related to "independent contractor" cleaners or events for bookings tagged "last minute booking":

You can find the tag filter at the bottom of the filter column in the client, cleaner and bookings list:

Here's where to find the tag filter in the calendar:

Things to note

Tags and filters in the client, cleaner and booking records and lists are category-specific; in other words, the tags you create in Clients will only appear in the available tags list in the client list and record. So if you create a "VIP" tag for a client, and then you go to the bookings and look up that clients booking, you will not see that tag, you will need to create a VIP tag for that booking (which you can later use for any other booking)

However, the calendar tag filter will display ALL tags; in other words, you can filter the calendar by tags that belong to any client, cleaner or booking.

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