A first time or spring clean is an intensive and detailed top to bottom clean of your home including all surfaces and flat edges. It is the baseline for managing the regular housekeeping and between tenant operations.

Vacation rentals that have not been properly spring cleaned, organized and restocked are difficult to manage in season and they result in costly callbacks from displeased tenants. This is completely avoidable with proper planning.

As we offer a flat base rate changeover fee structure, homeowners are required to schedule a deep spring cleaning prior to the start of vacation rental changeover service in season. If you have a robust rental season that extends beyond Memorial Day to Labor Day, you will require a fall cleaning as well.

This is the base clean that will set the tone for the remainder of the season. Homes that have not been spring cleaned have not met our terms of service and may be taken off the changeover schedule.

For scheduling purposes, when booking your spring you will need provide us with a two week window from the time your water is turned on in the spring until your first occupancy.

Spring cleans are completed and billed per man hour as described above.

We do not complete spring cleans on weekends between Memorial and Labor Day.

Appointments are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and you are encouraged to book well in advance of your arrival.

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