If you want to test out a strategy on real market data paper trading is a great tool for you. Your strategy will trade in real time with fictional funds. It is also a great way to monitor the markets on a single or multiple pairs. Find out how to create a strategy from scratch or just use a free one

Once you know which strategy you want to paper trade, deploying it is easy:

1a. If choosing the strategy straight from your dashboard:  

Click Show Strategy and then you can click “Paper Trade” on the right hand side under the Next Steps heading.

1b. If choosing the strategy from the strategy timeline:

Find the icon in the right and hit ‘Trade’.  

2. Select paper trading  

When the box appears toggle to paper trading so you can see the check mark. Then hit ‘Trade.’

3. You are paper trading! Check on your strategy

On the right in the sidebar find ‘Paper Trading’ under ‘Portfolios.’ Your strategy will be running on market conditions.

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