The Tracking Snippet is your individual ID. Only with this snippet we can track traffic coming from your page or channel. 

Go to Programs > Premium Affiliates > Create Tracking.

→ the part after the ? is your tracking snippet (case sensitive)

For example: ?offid=1&affid=1

Note: The last digit in this snippet is individual, your Tracking Snippet includes a different number. The whole parameter is case insensitive (= upper and lowercase treated equally).

Your final Tracking Link should look like this and include your individual ID at the end:

If there is a ? already in your Thomann URL please make sure to replace it in your tracking snippet with a &. Just like this:

You can use link shortener as well. We recommend using RediR, it's FREE for Clickfire users: Within 24 hours you will find a registration link in your inbox.

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