Thomann Affiliate Policy

Improper practices in the Thomann Premium Affiliate Program

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We reserve the right to remove partners from the Affiliate Program with immediate effect and without prior warning, if he or she should conduct unfair business practice in Thomann’s name.

Examples of such misconduct include:

  • Coupon websites

  • Paid SEA, Paid Social Media Advertising (e.g Brand-Bidding, Keyword Advertising)

  • Cookie-Dropping

  • Advertising in toolbars or software

  • Advertising in newsletters

  • Cashback / Bonus / Deal websites

  • Price comparator

  • misleading domains and advertising

  • use of brand names of Thomann

  • pornographic or radical content

  • websites without a clear imprint of the site owner

  • websites which violate German Law

    The general Terms and Conditions can be found here:

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