In short:

  • One link serving many destinations: With RediR™ you can set different Links/Affiliate Links based on the location of the user

  • Nifty click stats on all of your RediR™s in one global dashboard

  • More helpful features coming along (like automatically finding the best merchants per country for you)

Are you in this lucky situation that your followers or your audience are watching you from all over the world? This is a great achievement - well done.

Or are you about to launch a great YouTube Channel and want to make the click experience for your users as easy as possible? Maybe you are unsatisfied with your international community and want to boost the experience for followers all around the world?

But how can you provide suitable recommendations for your users, if your favorite partner website could do better on delivering to Europe or to the US Market, or to any other country your audience lives?

RediR™ makes it super easy to direct your followers to the exact shopping environment that will most likely convert your lead to a buyer - and your Affiliate Bonus is for sure. We would call this a WIN - WIN - WIN situation. Nice, right?

Your users will remember (at least subconsciously) what a nice content you delivered which felt super easy for them to take action afterwards. His or her experience will make him or her come back next time and time and time again and a loyal follower is added to your community. Wouldn’t this be great?

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