1. Choose a great default link to start with

First, you start with your affiliate partner link that has most traffic and covers most destinations your followers are located in. This will be the default link - here all your followers will be led to in case no other specific redirection for their location is set.

For you this might be: www.thomann.de as you are already a loyal partner within Thomann’s affiliate network.

2. Create your first short link

Click on “create new link”, add the default link first and then select a country, where you know audience is just waiting for a proper redirect to finally buy something you recommended. Click on “save” and your first short redirecting link is ready to go.

3. Add more countries

Add more countries to your link at any time. Until then, every country which is not set, will be redirected by default to the main affiliate you placed as a default link.

That’s it!

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