Use the Thomann Tracking Link as your default link (means you are directing users outside the US/Canada to If the products are not available at in the US/CA, insert for example Amazon or Sweetwater links depending what you prefer or other affiliate programs you are enrolled. Check the list which products/brands are restricted for Thomann to sell/ship in USA/Canada here.

In RediR you can see clicks only. We recommend using Sub IDs on the Thomann Tracking Links so you can keep track of sales in Clickfire and even customize it for reporting purposes. Click here for more information on Sub IDs.

Here is an example what your setup in RediR could look like including Sub IDs.

Default link (directs users here if no other countries are set):



Note: This is just an example, your affid parameter is different. Make sure to add tracking parameters to all Thomann links!

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