Geo-specific targeting with RediR
Create geo-specific short links (no RediR account needed)
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RediR™ is a sophisticated Tool which combines link shortening and geo redirection - all in one! It is using a world-class geographic detection system which accurately identifies the location of the user, even with 3G/4G/5G connections. FREE and exclusively launched to Clickfire users in our first beta version.

→ Direct users to the right shop/country settings. No RediR account is needed to use this.

For example, link to one specific product by doing this:

  1. Add an article number + your affid parameter to the following link: → just like this

  1. To link to a different product, get the item number from the product detail page and replace it in your link.

3. --> links the user to his/her country setting.

Note: This is just an example. Don't add affid=1 to your links, your Tracking ID is unique.

What is Redir? Take look here.

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