Note: Be sure to test this with a small file first and practice some test calls to verify the setup meets your business needs. 

Holding Bin Node

How to Use This Node

Holding Bin Options


  • Max Retries - The total number of times a caller can enter their Reservation Number (or Ref Code) before the call is routed through the configured Call Flow.

  • Max RefCode Length - This is directly related to the total number of numerical digits configured within the Ref Code column of the file you imported into the Holding Bin. Visit here to review how to import a file to the Holding Bin. 

  • Timeout - The maximum length of time RingResponse will wait for the caller to enter their Reservation/ Ref Code. After timeout, the call is routed through your call flow. 

  • Confirmation Button - The required keypress to signify the ending of your entry. Be sure to announce this within the Prompt Entry Audio file. 

  • Assign led to agent that answers the call - Place a check mark here if you want the call to be automatically assigned to the agent who answers the call. 

Prompt Entry Audio

  • The audio that plays when a caller enters this part of the call flow. 

Invalid Entry Audio

  • The audio that plays when the caller inputs an invalid entry. 

Use Case

  • This node is primarily used for those companies who want to send out direct mail. You can place the lead data and corresponding reservation number in a file and import to the Holding Bin. A caller is then prompted to enter their Reservation Number and the call is then routed to an agent. 

Use Case

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