9-13 King Street, South Shields

A London commercial agency was instructed to sell this retail investment in South Shields.The asking price was £940,000.Three days into marketing, an investor indicated interest in the opportunity, undertook their due diligence, and subsequently submitted a clicktopurchase® online offer of £975,000. The offer was accepted by the seller resulting in an instantaneous online contract exchange.A demonstration of speed and certainty provided by clicktopurchase®.The property had failed to sell previously by a national auctioneer.

The Frogmill Inn, Shipton Oliffe, Cheltenham

A London agency was instructed to sell this restaurant & hotel investment. Quoting £1,300,000, the property was extensively marketed, due to the high level of interest, the decision was taken to close by clicktopurchase® “best offers”. 5 offers were submitted and the top offer was accepted resulting in an instant online contract being formed at £1,425,000, just 11 working days from the commencement of marketing.


429 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London UK

A London agency was instructed to sell this investment in East Sheen London. Within just 48 hrs from the commencement of marketing, a bidder cleared money laundering online and submitted a clicktopurchase® offer above the asking price of £475,000. Despite various other purchasers being interested, the seller chose to accept the clicktopurchase® offer which resulted in an instantaneous online contract exchange.

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