Participating in a clicktopurchase® Artificial Intelligence real time auction:

Should the agent wish to close a sale by running a live online auction, you will need to bid during the live auction at the published time and date.

It is possible that the agent may select the auction to be operated by "gAbI", our artificial intelligence auctioneer.  Your experience as a bidder will be the same as if the auctioneer were the selling agent.

Once you have cleared verification you can enter the auction room at the appropriate time.

Figure: Widget showing button to enter auction room

Figure: Showing auction room

You can easily see for which lots you have been verified

Figure: The messages clearly shows which lots you are verified for.

Once "gAbI" the auctioneer starts the lot, you will need to accept the clicktopurchase® Property Rules

Figure: The clicktopurchase® Property Rules before acceptance

Figure: The clicktopurchase® Property Rules after acceptance

"gAbI" will enter their various comments when appropriate.   

Making a bid is really easy.  Just fill in the amount you would like to bid, confirm your bid amount in the second box and press “Make Bid”.

Figure:  Fill in both boxes and press make bid

You can easily see when you are the highest bidder and see the other bids from your competitors.

Figure:  If you are the highest bidder your alias will be at the top of the bidder list and bolded

You will see a message in the auction room if your bid is accepted and contracts have been exchanged, as well as confirmation in your My Account

Figure: Message showing that the lot has been exchanged

You can also see your bidding history in your My Account page.

Figure: Showing My Account page

If you have won the auction, the following actions occur instantaneously:

  • A binding contract of sale is formed

  • All parties receive confirmation and an electronic copy of the digitally signed Memorandum of Sale

  • The property is marked as “Sold”

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