Minimum System Requirements

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 A modern web browser (up to date versions).
    - Google Chrome
    - Mozilla Firefox
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Safari

Other browsers (not recommended)
 - Internet Explorer

Modern Operating system
    - Microsoft Windows 8.1+
    - Microsoft Windows 10 (Recommended)
    - Apple MacOS 10.13: High Sierra    

These system requirements are to ensure you are having the best auction experience clicktopurchase® has to offer and have no issues. Some older operating systems which are not listed here have been discontinued by their respective companies for example; Microsoft Windows Seven(7) and Microsoft Windows XP have been discontinued and no longer receive updates and support from Microsoft. This creates an issue where we utilise a modern technology which may be incompatible with outdated operating systems.

The clicktopurchase® auction room is built with a modern technology called SignalR from Microsoft, which allows real time communication between users. This is not backward compatible with other versions of Microsoft Windows. The system requirements are in place to protect you as the bidder from having unexpected results in the clicktopurchase® auction room. The older operating systems and browsers do not support SignalR and uses a fallback mechanism which can cause problems as this is not being maintained by each respective manufacturer.

Should you not meet these requirements, you will not be able to enter and participate in any clicktopurchase® auction. This is to protect you as the bidder. Should you want to enter the auction you will have to go through an upgrade process as defined below or use another computer of someone you know and can trust.

Common problems you can expect

If you are not using the recommended web browser/operating system you can expect some of the following issues: 

  • Random disconnections from the auction room.

  • Messages failing to send.

  • Failure to view onscreen messages.

  • Bids are being made but the user interface does not update.

  • You as the Bidder submit bids but the system fails to receive your bid.

Upgrade process

Operating systems:

    - Microsoft Windows
        - Upgrading Microsoft Windows requires you to purchase and download a newer version of windows from Microsoft.
    - Apple MacOS
        - Apple releases new updates from time to time to their users.

Web browsers:

    - Most web browsers have some sort of auto update feature except for built-in browsers. These get updated when you update or upgrade your operating system to a newer version. Examples are:
        - Internet Explorer
            - Available to users using windows 8.1
            - This will not update or upgrade by itself.
        - Apple Safari
            - Auto updates from time to time via the App Store.
            - How to update the Apple Safari on your Mac
        - Microsoft Edge
            - Auto updates with Windows Update
    - Downloads to latest versions of supported browsers:
        - Google Chrome
        - Mozilla Firefox 

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