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Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication at clicktopurchase®
Two Factor Authentication at clicktopurchase®

See how the new two-factor authentication adds a further layer of security to our platform.

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(1) Linking your device to your clicktopurchase® account

At an appropriate point during your use of using clicktopurchase®, you will be prompted to link your device to your clicktopurchase® account.  This ensures additional security to prove your actions.  You can wait until you are prompted to do so, or you can link your device at any time.

Should you prefer not to link your device, we provide an alternative of requesting an email to be sent to verify your actions.  Nevertheless, we recommend you use the clicktopurchase® App.

(2) Downloading the clicktopurchase® App

You can download the clicktopurchase® App from the App Store or Google Play

Once downloaded, the Icon will appear on your advice.

(3) Managing your linked device

You are able to manage and change your linked device at anytime from your account dashboard.  This can be accessed from your account at .  

or from the widget

(4) Using Two Factor Authentication with a linked device

You will be prompted to use two-factor authentication for appropriate actions including seeking verification and submitting a clicktopurchase® offer. For example, if you were seeking verification on a property, the following screen will appear.

If you wish to link to your device, enter the code

Once you have entered the code, you will see an on-screen message confirming "success"

Your device is now linked.  The next time you log on to your account, you will be asked to verify your identity in this manner.

(5) Using Two Factor Authentication with the email option

If you select "Send Code Via Email" when operating two factor, an email will be sent to your email inbox.

The following on screen message will appear to confirm your request

When you click the link in the email "clicktopurchase - Two-Factor Authentication Request", you will be able to proceed.

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