Singer Vielle is gearing up to launch its own proptech consultancy and application development service for the real estate industry

Singer Vielle has already made a name for itself in proptech this year, marketing a property in London’s Mayfair for £23 million via a system allowing interested parties to submit offers using blockchain. 

It is also in a six month pilot project with Rightmove trialing a service allowing buyers of commercial properties to submit offers online and digitally exchange contracts. They will be able to submit offer via private treaty, best offers or during a real-time online auction.

Now the agency, which deals mostly in commercial property, is launching a proptech service combining its own personnel and those from automated buying platform Clicktopurchase and software company Lucied Ocean.

Neil Singer - head of both Singer Vielle and Clicktopurchase - says: “As the property sector increasingly embraces technology, there is a clear knowledge gap. We see poor advice being offered by those outside of our industry and a common misunderstanding by non-property technicians of the property business. 

“As a unique team with many years’ experience in both property and technology, and most importantly proven, we are offering a service where our colleagues in the sector can take comfort in being able to speak with people who talk their language and understand their businesses.”

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