There has been a lot of discussion recently about how agency businesses are responding to the challenges being faced due to the Covid 19 lockdown.clicktopurchase® online execution technology is one solution being adopted to keep some liquidity in the residential market, uniquely using encrypted digital signatures and Blockchain anchoring.

Singer Vielle have just brought to the market a residential investment within the luxury development in Manchester, Axis Tower.By using clicktopurchase®, investors will be able to acquire the residential investment by online exchange, from anywhere, saving the need for physical contact with a solicitor or agent.The apartment in question is located on the 15th floor, available at £538,500.

Savills Ireland are another example of an agency now using the clicktopurchase® execution technology within the residential sector.Having recently launched “Savills Live” which deals with new homes sales, buyers now have the ability to proceed all the way to signing digital contracts.

 “It is interesting how we have been approached by agencies and owners in recent weeks.All sorts of technology is available to help the property profession, it is such a shame that it has taken a crisis for people to realise.” Neil Singer, CEO clicktopurchase®

clicktopurchase® technology is being offered to anyone in the property sector for no charge during the crisis, with no future commitment required.Interested agents or vendors should contact the company at or by emailing

Press Release: 4th May 2020

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