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Case Studies - Flexibility
Case Studies - Flexibility

Case Studies that demonstrate how clicktopurchase® brings flexibility to the sales process.

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6 Morden Road, Wimbledon, London

A London agency commenced marketing this Costa Coffee investment on 14th December.  Due to the level of interest generated, on 16th December the agent announced that the property sale would be concluded by a clicktopurchase® “best offers” on 22nd December.  The highest submitted offer was accepted, resulting in an instant contract exchange online.  A demonstration of the flexibility to change to the most appropriate sales channel at any time.

Units 1-4, St Peters Industrial Park, Huntingdon

A London agency was instructed to market this multi-let industrial investment to be sold by a clicktopurchase® auction. In reaction to early interest, it was decided to switch the conclusion to a clicktopurchase® “best offers” two weeks ahead of the initial auction date. Five parties submitted online clicktopurchase® offers by the set deadline.

On accepting the highest offer, an online contract exchange occurred instantly.

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