Adding a client/person to the Client Giant dashboard has never been easier and having a bulk import tool makes it incredibly easy to have all of your clients taken care of as quickly as possible.

To Add an Individual Client:

  1. Login to your dashboard.

  2. Click "People" on the left sidebar.

  3. Click on "Add People".

  4. Follow the Prompt. "Click Save & Continue".

Note: Don't forget to use the "Please Refer to This Client As" to let the system & Client Giant Team know how to address your client on all messages and touches.



Adding Multiple Clients Using a CSV File:

  1. Using this import template, add the information of the clients you wish to import.

  2. Login to your dashboard

  3. Click "People" on the left sidebar.

  4. Click on "Import People".

  5. Follow the Prompt. "Click Save & Continue".



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