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There are two account types: Individual and Team
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To better help you and the way you run your business, two types of accounts are offered:

  • Individual

  • Team

INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTS are useful for business owners who work as individuals, might work with a partner, and don't need to share clients with other Client Giant users.

TEAM ACCOUNTS are useful for business owners and businesses that work in a group setting where multiple professionals work under one umbrella, such as Real Estate Brokerages/Groups, Lending, Law Firms, etc. They are similar to individual accounts in the sense that each professional/agent can see his or her own clients, adjust touches, and add plans, but allow for a Team Owners or Administrators to see and manage the activity and clients from the top down. This includes adding new clients, assigning clients to a team member, purchasing plans and packages on behalf of the team member, adjusting touches, and similar.

Within a team, there are 3 different kinds of accounts that work from top to bottom.

Team Owner

Team Admin.

Team Member

Team account visibilities and capabilities:

- The TEAM OWNER creates all contacts for all team members. This account does any purchasing for all contacts and assigns contacts to team members. Once contact is assigned to a team member, the team member will then have visibility of the contact and all their active and past plans, packages, and touches. They will also be able to manage the contact details.

- The TEAM ADMIN can manage all contacts and their past or active plans, packages, and touches. They cannot make purchases on behalf of the Team Owner and do not have access to the Team Owner's payment method.

- The TEAM MEMBER has visibility and access to manage contacts that are only assigned to them. They have the ability to add their own contacts and make purchases for all contacts.

*The Team Owner will not have visibility of the contacts created by the team member or any purchases made by the team member.

Both account types are considered full-functioning and have similar operations.

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