Since Top of Mind touches are sent on a quarterly basis in the months of January, April, July, and October, you'll want to have your clients enrolled before the cutoff dates for the quarterly touches.

Enrollment Window Close dates are as follows:

  • Spring: March 20

  • Summer: June 20

  • Fall: September 20

  • Winter: December 20

If your client(s) are enrolled after the window close date for the upcoming touch, your client(s) will be set for the following quarter's touch.

Example: If you sign up your client(s) on March 22nd, your client will receive their first touch in the Summer.

Top of Mind is a 'set it and forget' service, so once your clients are enrolled they are set to receive the quarterly touches for as long as Top of Mind is active. Your billing profile will automatically renew a year from the purchase date to make your client(s) are always taken care of on your behalf.

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