The beauty with Client Giant is we've taken all of the guesswork out of it for you. Our team has handcrafted the touches and a series of different deliverables that are going to celebrate milestones, help alleviate pain points, and are sure to elicit a positive response from your recipient!

For packages and elevated retention plans, you will be notified a few days prior via email what that gift is, why it has been selected, and the message that accompanies it. If you feel a touch included in these packages or elevated retention plans doesn't work for your clients, you can request a swap in your account and our team will find something comparable to send instead.

For Top of Mind and Top of Mind+, the details of the gifts will be provided towards the end of the cycle, before the official deadline closes that cycle out. Top of Mind gifts are curated by our design team to work for any type of client (male, female, single, married, etc.). They will typically be something made popular by a current topical event or relevant to the timing of the year. These gifts cannot be swapped out BUT we promise, they will be something your recipient is sure to enjoy and use ongoing, consistently reminding them of you!

Birthday and home anniversary gifts are curated by our team to include items that will purposefully celebrate the milestone. These gifts are preset and will change each year so repeat gifts are not sent out.

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