After setting up the Salesforce Integration, you will want to import your existing Accounts. New Accounts can be automatically imported into ClientSuccess.

How to use


To import your existing Accounts from Salesforce, you must:

*Note: CSMs must be an existing user in ClientSuccess for the "Assigned CSM" field to pull the assigned csm data from Salesforce.


Clients are uniquely identified in Salesforce by the Salesforce Account ID. This ID is brought into ClientSuccess automatically when they are imported. This ID is used to maintain a pairing between the account in Salesforce and the record in ClientSuccess. If this ID is changed or removed, a duplicate record may be created the next time an import is run. Most often, this occurs when a client is manually entered without including the Salesforce Account ID.


1. To get started, navigate to Global Settings > Clients where you'll see an "Import from Salesforce" option.

2. You will be presented with a count of how many clients were found in Salesforce. Add a filter to isolate your current customers from your prospects. Multiple filters are matched as AND conditions.

3. Next, match the Salesforce fields to ClientSuccess. You will be presented with example data to help ensure that you have paired the correct fields. Available fields are:

  • Client name
  • Client-as-of date
  • Assigned CSM
  • Assigned sales rep
  • Client Type

4. Then click 'Import.'

5. Let us know when the import is complete. We will then need to run a process that checks all of the "Sync with ClientSuccess" checkboxes on your Accounts in Salesforce. This will complete the import and begin the process of synchronizing account fields and contacts.

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