After setting up the Salesforce Integration, you will want to import your existing Accounts. New Accounts can be automatically imported into ClientSuccess.

How to use


To import your existing Accounts from Salesforce, you must:

*Note: CSMs must be an existing user in ClientSuccess for the "Assigned CSM" field to pull the Assigned CSM data from Salesforce.


1. To access the Import Wizard, navigate to Global Settings > Clients. Click "Import from Salesforce".

2. You will be presented with the Import Wizard and a count of how many clients were found in Salesforce. 

Add a filter to isolate the customers you'll want to import into ClientSuccess. Multiple filters are matched as AND conditions.

3. The next screen is where you'll be able to map certain Salesforce fields to ClientSuccess. As you map each field, the Import Wizard will provide you with example data from Salesforce to confirm you've have paired the correct fields. 

Available fields for mapping are:

  • Client Name
  • Client-as-of date
  • Assigned CSM
  • Assigned sales rep
  • Client Type

4. Once mapped, click 'Import.'

5. If there seems to be a discrepancy in the accounts you expected to see, please reach out to support for additional troubleshooting.

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