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When I try to sign up, it says the user already exists

School coordinators use your school email address to start scheduling you at a clinical site. If they've already sent you an invite to join, and you are trying to create an account using the same email address, you may receive a "user already exists" message. Click Forgot password? and follow the steps in the email you receive to set a password and get logged in.

My coordinator scheduled a rotation but I don't see it when I log in

School coordinators generally use a school email addresses to set up student accounts and start scheduling. If you have created your own account, and think you should have a rotation listed but don't see one, reach out to your school coordinator to confirm they've scheduled you and verify the email address they used to do so. If it turns out you have two accounts, follow the instructions in the next section.

My school signed me up, but I signed up with another email address

Many school coordinators invite students to join using a school email address. If your coordinator has set up an account with your school email address and you also made an account with another email address, we can merge the accounts for you. Just contact us using the chat feature when you're logged into Clinician Nexus or email us at

How to I contact the coordinators at the clinical site?

There are two ways to contact clinical site coordinators:

First, if you have questions related to a specific rotation, click on the rotation from your dashboard and use the comment box found under the Activity section. Anything posted in the comments box are visible to all parties on the rotation - student, coordinators, and preceptors, if applicable.

Second, you can click the Search icon from the left dashboard menu to find the staff member you'd like to contact. Once on their profile, you can click the Connect button to request to connect. Once your request has been accepted, click the Message icon to send a message. Click here for more information about connecting and endorsing in Clinician Nexus. 

Click here to learn more about communicating in Clinician Nexus. 

Do I have to pay to use Clinician Nexus?

Nope! Clinician Nexus is free for students to use. There are no fees to have an account or to apply for rotations in Clinician Nexus.

How can my school coordinator be involved?

Some rotations require a coordinator from your school to log in and complete a step or upload a document as part of the onboarding process. You can pass along this link to your school coordinators so they can join.

Still have questions? Log in and send us a message using the chat icon on the bottom of your screen.

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