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My Clinical Site partner asked me to join, how do I get started?

Clinical sites can use Clinician Nexus to manage their student rotation offerings. They'll need to connect with you so that students can be added to rotations at their facilities. They may reach out to you directly about getting started. Click here for more information about getting started or click here to create an account.

Students completing elective rotations need me join, what do I do next?

Students can search for and apply to elective rotations through Clinician Nexus. Some clinical sites will require that you complete on or more steps or provide documentation for a student, prior to them starting their rotation. Click here for more information about getting started in or click here to create an account.

How do I add students?

In order for students to be scheduled into rotations (with the exception of elective rotations that they can apply directly to) you will need to upload student information. 

To add students, click the Students tab from your left dashboard menu, then click Add student from the submenu to add students individually or click Import from spreadsheet to add students in bulk through a spreadsheet upload. Students you add will automatically receive an email invitation to get started. Click here for more information on adding students.

How do I schedule rotations?

If you've already added students and now need to schedule them into rotations at a partnering clinical site, click Rotations from your left dashboard menu, then click +Schedule students button from the submenu. In the Add student rotation popup window, select from the applicable dropdown boxes to get students scheduled. Click here for more information on scheduling.

What if expected rotations or slots are missing?

If you are attempting to schedule students into rotations, but the service area or timeframe isn't listed in the dropdown section, you'll want to reach out to your partnering clinical site to ensure the configurations you've agreed upon are reflected in Clinician Nexus.

My students need help with completing onboarding steps, what should I do?

If students have difficulty getting started or using Clinician Nexus, you can direct them to this page to browse our Student Help Center. They can also reach out to us directly by logging into Clinician Nexus and clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Still have questions? Log in and send us a message using the chat icon on the bottom of your screen.

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