Getting your organization set up on Clinician Nexus is simple. To prep your org's profile, and get the necessary pieces into the system, follow the steps in the article. 

Topics Covered:

  • Creating your health organization & personal profile 

  • Setting up your application, onboarding, and offboarding steps

  • Creating services

  • Allocating capacity

  • Inviting your school partners

  • Adding Affiliation agreement information

Note: If you're a coordinator, your admin may have set up some of these steps for you already.

Create or Edit Your Profile

Just like you want to know more about who your students are (which is why we give them a profile as well), they also want to know about you and your system, hospital, or clinic. Everyone can fill in their personal profile, and If you are an admin, make sure to fill out the profile information for your organization too. This information can act as a selling point for your rotations. 

For your personal profile: 

  • Click Account, located on the top left of any page

  • Then, from the sub-menu, select Edit my profile:

For your organization's profile

  • Click Settings, located on the left side of any page

  • Then, from the sub-menu, select Profile:

Set Up Your Application, Onboarding, and Offboarding Steps

One benefit Clinician Nexus provides is consolidating all communications regarding your rotations into one place. Specifically, we've created a central location to add application, onboarding and offboarding steps, based on your site requirements. These steps can then be applied to any or all of your services once you determine them.

To configure steps: 

  • Click Settings on the left side of any page

  • Then, from the sub-menu, select Application Steps, Onboarding Steps, or Offboarding Steps:

  • From here, you can add and configure the steps that are required by clicking +Add Step at the top of the page: 

Create Services

Add the service areas that students will be able to rotate in. You'll want to add all of the services that you take students in, both within school agreements and also as elective students. Within the service set up, you'll be able to configure which application and onboarding steps should apply to these services. If you have agreements in Clinician Nexus already, you can attach to the applicable agreement- or add this information after you've configured the agreement parameters. You'll also be able to allocate capacity for students to rotate in independently for elective rotations or by school agreement- this can be added now, or at a later time.

To create services: 

  • Click Services on the left side of any page

  • Then, from the sub-menu, click +Add Services

  • Next, in the New Service window, you can add and configure the information for the general service area of your facility:

Allocate Capacity

To allocate capacity within each service area to schedule/allow requests,

  • Click an existing service from the services sub-menu

  • Click +Add Capacity

In the new capacity window, you'll be able to allocate new capacity based on your preferences.

Note on workflow types:
Selecting coordinator scheduled for the workflow type will allow you to link the capacity for an individual school partner to schedule students onto directly.

Selecting student requested for the workflow type will allow you to make the rotation available for students to apply directly.

Invite Your Affiliate Schools

The schools that you have affiliations with will need to get set up in Clinician Nexus so they can invite students and schedule rotations. To invite them, click this link to refer them- or they can visit to sign up!

Add Affiliation Agreement Information (Coordinator Scheduled Rotations)

In order to allocate capacity for schools to schedule rotations, you'll first need to tell us more about what's included in the existing affiliation agreements you have with partner schools. Once you've added the agreement, you can submit it to your affiliate school for their approval. This serves as the connection point between the clinical site and the school. Since the agreement is negotiated and confirmed outside of Clinician Nexus, you shouldn't need additional authorization (and while you can upload the affiliation agreement for reference, it's not required).

To create an agreement: 

  • Click Settings

  • Then, from the sub-menu, select Agreements

  • Next, you can click +Add Agreement to set up an agreement with an affiliate school:

After you've completed these steps, you and your school partner can start scheduling students in rotations!


Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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