In this article, we will go through steps for teaching institution staff to take when getting started in Clinician Nexus:

  • Set up your teaching institution profile and locations
  • Add other teaching institution staff
  • Set up your personal profile
  • Accept affiliation agreements from clinical site partners
  • Invite/confirm students
  • Schedule students
  • Monitor student progress

Please note: if you're a coordinator, your administrator (admin) may have set some of this up already. 

Set up your teaching institution profile and locations

The first time you log in, follow the Onboarding Wizard to select your role and search for your teaching institution from our list of existing organizations.

If your teaching institution is listed, please select it. This will prompt an administrator from your teaching institution or Clinician Nexus to confirm you as a staff member. 

If your teaching institution is not already listed, you can create a new teaching institution in Clinician Nexus. You will first be asked to add your teaching institution's name, your title, and the teaching institution's address. 

Then, you will be directed to finish setting up your teaching institution's public-facing profile. There you can add/edit the teaching institution's name, address, description, contact information, and profile picture.

Add other teaching institution staff

Continue in the Onboarding Wizard and invite other staff members from your teaching institution. Click +Add staff and search by typing in their name into the Name field.

Enter their name and email address, and an invitation to join Clinician Nexus will be sent to the email address you provide. 

Add their job title and assign a role to each staff member that you add. Click here for an overview of each role's permissions/abilities. 

After initial set up, you can add, edit, and remove staff by using the Settings page: click here for directions.

Set up your personal profile

Once you've completed the Onboarding Wizard, we recommend setting up your personal profile. 

  • Click My account (profile picture icon) from the left dashboard menu
  • Click Edit my profile from the submenu 
  • Add and edit the content of your personal, public-facing profile
  • Click Save changes

The information you provide here will be displayed on your public facing profile. We recommend including a professional photo, a bit of information about you, as well as some interests. Providing this information allows other members of the clinical education community put a face to your name and get to know a bit more about you.

Accept affiliation agreements from clinical site partners

Affiliation agreements in Clinician Nexus serve the purpose of connecting you and your clinical site partner so that students can be scheduled for rotations offered by your partner facilities.

You may find that you have one or more agreements pending your approval when you log in. Pending agreements will display:

  1. At the top of your Dashboard:
  • Click Dashboard from your left dashboard menu.
  • Click on the Pending agreements notification at the top of your screen to view the proposed agreement sent by your clinical site partner. 
  • Click on the agreement to view agreement details, propose changes, and accept or reject the agreement. 

2. On your Agreements page:

  • Clicking Settings from your left dashboard menu
  • Click Agreements from the submenu
  • Click on the agreement from the list to review the details, propose changes, and accept the agreements with your partnering clinical sites.

Invite Students

You can add students to Clinician Nexus individually or in a bulk spreadsheet upload.

Invite students individually: 

  • Click Students from your left dashboard menu
  • Click + Add student from the submenu
  • Click 
  • Enter the student's full name, email address, student type, year of study, and graduation date. 
  • Click Add student button
  • This will automatically send an email invitation to the student to join Clinician Nexus and set up their profile.


Invite students in bulk: 

  • Click Students from your left dashboard menu
  • Click Import from spreadsheet from the submenu
  • Click Download empty spreadsheet
  • Add student data to the downloaded template. Make sure to include student name, email address, student year, anticipated graduation date, and student type
  • Save the completed spreadsheet
  • On the Import Students page, click Choose file and select the completed spreadsheet to upload the students into Clinician Nexus.  
  • Click Submit button
  • Students will automatically be sent an email invitation to join Clinician Nexus and set up their profiles.

Confirm pending students

If students sign up on their own, their request to be confirmed by a teaching institution staff member will display at the top of your Dashboard under the title, Pending students.

  • Click Pending students to view the students requesting to be confirmed by your organization.
  • Click Confirm student button if you know this person attends your university.
  • Click This person is not a student here if you know the person is not a student at your university. This will send an automatic notification the person and ask them to select a different teaching institution. 
  • You can also leave a student in pending status if you are unsure.

After you confirm a student, they will display in your list of students on your Students page. 

Schedule students

Once you have an agreement in place with your partner clinical site and students are added into Clinician Nexus, you can schedule student rotations. To do so:

Click + Schedule students from the left dashboard menu

In the Add student rotation window, you can select:

  • The agreement 
  • The rotation service capacity window 
  • One one or more students: if you select more than one student, you will be given the option to create individual rotations for each selected student or a single group rotation for all of the selected students. You will also be given the option to add faculty to the rotation(s) when selecting more than one student.
  • Rotation date range: depending on how your clinical site partner has set up their rotation offerings, you may also have the ability to assign students to specific days of the week and/or shifts.

Click Submit to schedule the rotation.

After you've scheduled students, your dashboard will populate with student rotations. You can review any pending or onboarding rotations to see if there are any steps that require your attention. To learn more about monitoring onboarding progress, click here.

Monitor general progress & complete any steps required of you

When you log in to the Clinician Nexus platform, you'll automatically be directed to the Dashboard. This view is meant to give you an overview of where each student rotation is in the process.

A full list of rotation statuses and their definitions can be found here. 

A circular badge on a rotation card is an indicator that there are tasks you may need to complete. You can also filter to view rotations that have steps you can complete. 

  • Click +Add filter
  • Select Has steps I can complete from the dropdown list
  • You will then view all rotations that have steps you can complete. 
  • To view the steps that you can complete, click on the rotation card and scroll to the bottom of the window. 
  • Each application and/or onboarding step explains who can complete the step.

Common challenges:

  • Receiving too many notifications? Learn how to edit your settings: click here
  • Students need help getting started? Share the Student Getting Started Guide: click here
  • How do I communicate in Clinician Nexus? Click here
  • Clinician Nexus teaching institution Help Center: click here  


Still have questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

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