Clinician Nexus offers several opportunities to collect and review important documentation prior to, or after, a student's rotation at your site. Some steps may be created by the parent organization and automatically assigned to your clinical site (if applicable), but you are also able to add steps that are directly required by your individual clinical site based on the needs of the facility.

Topics covered:

  • Step Overviews

  • Adding a New Step

  • Step Configuration Details & Samples

Here's an overview of each type, and what information may be useful to collect at each point.

Application Steps:

Creating application steps can be helpful in supporting the elective rotation workflow. Steps can be created to help you identify what information you need in order to decide whether or not to accept a student into a rotation.

Onboarding Steps:

Onboarding steps are tasks or documents that need to be completed and/or uploaded into Clinician Nexus in preparation for a student beginning a rotation at your site. There are several configuration options, so documentation can be collected by students and school coordinators, and also uploaded by you as the clinical site, and communicated back to the student. (More specific configuration information is provided later in this article).

Offboarding Steps:

Offboarding steps are tasks or documents that need to be completed and/or uploaded into Clinician Nexus after a student's rotation is complete. This is often a step used to collect evaluation information about the site, rotation, and/or preceptor.

To add steps specific to your organization and/or rotations in specific service areas, follow the steps below:

Add a New Step

  • Click Settings from your left dashboard menu

  • Then, from the submenu click the step type you'd like to configure

  • From here, you can click +Add step:

Step Configuration Details & Samples

Name the step and include a description and any necessary instructions that will be helpful for completing the step. Steps can be configured as one of three types. Form, document upload, or confirmation checkbox.

Sample form step configuration:

Sample file upload configuration: 

Sample confirmation checkbox step:

Customize the step by adding additional information in the optional fields provided. Once you've completed the configuration of your steps, you can add any attachments that may be needed.

You have several ways to determine what rotations will require each step to be completed. Once you've reviewed completer, verifier, and specific criteria for which this step should apply, click save. 


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