This article will walk you through steps to take to set up and manage school scheduled rotations when working with a health system, hospital, or clinic that uses Clinician Nexus.

In this article we will go over how to:

  • Create your account

  • Verify your affiliation agreement parameters

  • Add your students

  • Schedule your students

  • Monitor student onboarding

1. Create your account

If you weren't prompted by your partnering clinical site, go ahead and create an account at this link. You may find that your teaching institution already exists in our system if a student has scheduled a rotation with one of the sites on our platform, or if another staff member ever created an account with us. 

If your school exists in Clinician Nexus, please select it. If it does not, please add your school's name, address, and a short description for other users on the platform.

2. Verify your Affiliation Agreement parameters

 If your teaching institution was not created in Clinician Nexus before you signed up, let your clinical site know as soon as you create it. The clinical site will then be able to propose an agreement to your school so students can begin being scheduled.  

Click here for specific directions on how to view, propose changes, accept, and/or reject agreements in Clinician Nexus. 

Please note: Clinician Nexus serves as a platform to communicate your affiliations and does not act or function as a place to create or enforce your agreements, legally. The purpose for including agreement details in Clinician Nexus is to give you a framework to quickly reference and schedule based on the agreed upon terms.

3. Add your students

To add students, click the Students tab on your dashboard menu. Here, you can add students individually by clicking +Add Student and entering their information. 

You can also add students in bulk by clicking Import from spreadsheet.  There you will find a downloadable empty spreadsheet and instructions for what information to include. After you have filled out the spreadsheet, you can re-upload the completed spreadsheet by clicking Choose file and selecting the file you completed. Click Submit to add students

After you add students, whether individually or in bulk, they will be emailed an invitation to join and complete their Clinician Nexus profile.

We've found that it's helpful to let your students know that they'll be receiving an invite from Clinician Nexus ahead of time. It's best to have them wait for the invitation rather than signing up ahead of time. This reduces the potential for duplicate accounts being created by students using their non-school email address.

4. Schedule your students

Before you can schedule students, the clinical site you're working with will need to set up the service areas that they take students and the capacity of students that they can take. 

To schedule students, click +Schedule students on your left dashboard menu.

  • Select the agreement that applies to to the rotations you'll be adding students to

  • Choose the service capacity and the date range

  • If the clinical site prefers, they can also enable to you add specific dates and times for the student to be scheduled, in addition to the general date range

  • Select the student(s) to be scheduled

  • Add any additional comments and click Submit

5. Monitor student onboarding

You can monitor your Dashboard for anything that requires your action and/or see how your students are progressing in their rotation applications. 

Rotation statuses are one way to monitor rotation progress. Rotations automatically transition through different statuses based on what steps are complete or incomplete. Click here for a list of rotation statuses and their definitions.

Circular notification icons on rotations also draw your attention to approaching deadlines or tasks you may be able to complete:

Filter by a range of criteria to find specific rotations or actions needed:

Click here for more information about monitoring student onboarding progress.

Additional informational

  • How to communicate in Clinician Nexus: click here

  • How to resend a student invitation email: click here


Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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