Connecting with your affiliate schools is the first step needed to start scheduling or having your school partner schedule coordinator scheduled types of rotations.  

Topics covered: 

  • Inviting your affiliate school
  • Adding an affiliation agreement
  • Adding service and capacity details
  • Submitting an agreement

Invite your affiliate schools

The schools that you have affiliations with will need to get set up in Clinician Nexus so they can invite students and schedule rotations. To invite them, click this link to refer them- or they can visit to sign up!

Add affiliation agreement 

  • Click Settings
  • Then, from the sub-menu, select Agreements
  • Next, you can click +Add Agreement to set up an agreement with an affiliate school:

Add the school, agreement name, description, and date range that this agreement is valid. This is where you can also attach the legal document as a reference point for all parties:

Add service and capacity details

Once you've added the agreement, you can select the service areas and more specifically, the capacity that should be allocated to that specific school. First draft the agreement, then you can select the service areas that this school partner should have access to schedule onto. 

The second step in this process is assigned direct capacity for the school to schedule onto- which can be configured now, or later from the services tab.

Save and Submit

Then submit it to your affiliate school for their approval. This serves as the connection point between the clinical site and the school. Since the agreement is negotiated and confirmed outside of Clinician Nexus, you shouldn't need additional authorization (and while you can upload the affiliation agreement for reference, it's not required).

  • Once you click save from the agreement page, your agreement will save in an unsubmitted status.
  • Once you're ready to submit it to the school, reopen the agreement and click  Save & submit

 This will notify the school that you've completed the agreement, and prompt them to propose changes to or accept the agreement. The agreement will remain in Pending statu until an admin from the school accepts the agreement.

If your school partner has questions on what to do next, you can direct them to this page.

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