It's important to first ensure the admin from your affiliate school also has a Clinician Nexus account linked to their school. If not, direct them to to get started!

Topics Covered: 

  • Adding an Agreement

  • Selecting Services

  • Add an Opportunity 

  • Submitting an Agreement

  • Scheduling Students (Optional)

Adding an Agreement

Our school agreements feature is an easy way to communicate the status of affiliation agreements with your school partners.

In order to allocate an opportunity for schools to schedule rotations, you'll first need to tell us more about what's included in the existing affiliation agreements you have with partner schools. Once you've added the agreement, you can submit it to your affiliate school for their approval. This serves as the connection point between the clinical site and the school. Since the agreement is negotiated and confirmed outside of Clinician Nexus, you won't need additional authorization. While you can upload the affiliation agreement for reference, it's not required. To create an agreement: 

  • Click Settings on the left side of any page

  • Then From the sub-menu, select Agreements

  • From here you can click +Add Agreement to set up the agreement with an affiliate school:

Selecting Services

Once you've added details, you can select which services will be offered as student learning experiences. Select the service areas of your facility to be utilized by the school partner:

Note: if you haven't configured the services that apply to this agreement yet, you can exit the agreements tab, click on Services, and add a new service. You will be able to return to the draft agreement and complete it once you finish adding services. 

Add an Opportunity

To configure specific opportunity allotments you'd like this school to have the ability to schedule onto:

  • Click +Add opportunity. Then select Coordinator scheduled rotation and add any other details:

Add a description, and select the date range the rotation will be open and available for scheduling. You can add additional configurations if you need to provide limitations to your school partner for scheduling. You can impose a limit for the number of slots available to the school, or leave it at 0 for unlimited slots.

Note: If you don't have specific details about providing opportunity slots for this school yet, you can also assign opportunity windows at anytime, by clicking over to the Services page and selecting +Add opportunity.

Submitting an Agreement

  • Click Save and Submit on the bottom of an unsubmitted agreement:

This will notify the school that you've completed the agreement, and prompt them to accept. 

Agreements are always accessible from the Settings tab, so you can view the status or make updates, if needed. 

Scheduling Students (Optional)

Once your school partner has accepted the agreement, you have the option to schedule students directly. School coordinators will also have the capability of scheduling students- so the scheduling can be completed based on what fits your current workflow. To begin scheduling students:

  • Click the +Schedule Student button from your dashboard

  • Next, select the agreement, service, and opportunity you'd like to schedule, followed by what student(s) you'd like to place in available slots:

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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