Creating capacity windows for multiple student types, rotation types and schools may seem daunting at first- but this article should help bring clarity to best practices for configurations and may help you save some time.

First, we recommend setting up the major service areas of the hospital that you take students in as Services in Clinician Nexus. Then, you'll be able to create specific capacity allocations for different learning opportunities that happen within each services areas as Capacity windows in Clinician Nexus.

Capacity windows can be configured very specifically to help with reporting needs.
Here's a sample (see more instructions below):

Manage both elective requests from students and rotations that you schedule on behalf of your school partner or school coordinators schedule:

  • Set up a student requested rotation type without an agreement, to allow for students from any school to apply to rotate at your facility.

  • Set up one or more coordinator scheduled rotations and link a school agreement to allow students from a given school to be scheduled onto that rotation directly by you or a school coordinator. 

Note: coordinator scheduled capacity windows will not be visible for student to apply to and are only able to be scheduled onto by a coordinator from your clinical site or a coordinator from the school you've selected.

  • Set up capacity windows for multiple student disciplines. Within each capacity window, you can select what student discipline is eligible to apply to/be scheduled into each window. This allows you to view, manage and report on all student disciplines in one place.

Time-saving tip:

Instead of starting every capacity window from scratch try using the Copy capacity option. 

Click on the Copy icon on an existing capacity window, and change the name and one or more details from your existing configuration.


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