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Dashboard Management

When you log in, you'll automatically be directed to the Rotations page. This view will give you an overview of rotation statuses and draws your attention to what requires your attention.

  • Click on the rotation listed in pending verification status: 

These rotations require one or more steps to be verified before a rotation can be accepted. If you're one of the staff members eligible to verify steps, you'll see a purple badge icon, indicating there's steps on a rotation that can be verified by you:

  • Click on the rotation listed in pending clinical site status: 

Rotations pending clinical site indicates that you can accept, cancel, waitlist, or propose changes to a rotation: 

  • Click into rotations with a yellow badge:

This badge means there are one or more steps that you can complete for the rotation. 

  • Click into rotations with a red badge:

This badge means there are one or more steps outstanding, with the rotation starting in two weeks or less. 

Generate Reports on Individual Onboarding Progress

  • Click Reports 

  • Then click the Students & Faculty report:

On this page, you can filter, run, and export a list of the data included from each application and onboarding step you've set up.

  • Click Reports 

  • Then click Onboarding steps from the Reports submenu:

This will show what steps have or haven't been completed for each student, based on the criteria you select. This way you can determine what step(s) a student may be missing, and reach out to them if their rotation is coming up.


Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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