Connections and Endorsements are features we use to help keep people at the center of the clinical education experience. See the info below to learn more.

Topics covered:

  • Connect 
  • Message
  • Endorse


Connect with anyone on Clinician Nexus:

  • Click the blue Connect button on their profile page: 

To view, accept, and/or reject pending connection requests from other community members:

  • Click the Connections icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard 
  • Then click the checkbox or x to accept or reject the connection:


Once a connection has been requested and accepted, community members can utilize the messaging feature:

  • Click messages from the bottom left menu
  • Select the person you'd like to message from your list of connections
  • Send a message:


Endorse students, colleagues, preceptors, and more on Clinician Nexus by clicking the green Endorse button on his/her/their profile page.

Then select this person's role and include a comment in your endorsement: 

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